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Web Hosting Features

Below is a list of all the powerful features included with every single web hosting package at no additional cost.

Site Management Features
Web Hosting Control Panel

The "Ensim Pro" control panel allows you to manage all aspects of your hosting account. From adding email accounts to managing your MySQL databases, you can do it all quickly and easily.
FTP and SSH Access

You are provided full FTP and SSH access to your webspace. FTP allows for fast and easy file transfer and management. SSH allows you direct command line access to your webspace via shell.
Web based File Manager

We recommend FTP for uploading your website files. However, when FTP is not practical you can use the web based file manager provided to upload and/or manage your website files directly from a regular web browser.
Instant & Scheduled Backups

From your control panel you can create an instantly downloadable backup of your website, or schedule a regular automatic backup for later on! You can also restore previous backups to your webspace.
Unlimited Sub Domains

Sub domains allow you to setup separate sub sites within your main website, for example you can create to start a blog separate to your main website. You can create unlimited sub domains.
Park Additional Domain Names

You can park as many extra domains on top of your main website as you need. Handy if you wish to have,, etc etc all pointed to your main website!
PHPMyAdmin MySQL Management

PHPMyAdmin is a popular, powerful web-based interface for administering MySQL databases. You can login and manage your databases from an easy to use control panel in your regular web browser.
Scheduled Tasks / Cronjobs

You may have a script or task on your website or application that needs to run at a certain time each day or week. We allow you to use Cronjobs to accomplish this.
Password Protection Tool

Your control panel allows you to password protect directories on your website. You can then manage users, passwords and groups who are allowed access to these protected areas.
SSL Secure Server Space

We provide your website with free secure server access, which would be accessible via https://server/ You may also add your own branded SSL certificate to allow secure access via

Email Features
Web Based Email Access

Squirrelmail software is already installed to your web hosting. This provides simple, fast access to your email via a regular web browser; perfect for when you are away from your own PC.
POP3 & IMAP Access

Our service fully supports POP3 and IMAP access to your mailboxes. This allows you to choose any popular email program to access your email such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora and Apple Mail.
SMTP Access

We allow you to use our SMTP server to send email from your hosting account with us. We also provide SMTP on alternative port 26 for those advanced users who may have ISP's blocking port 25.
MailFoundry Spam & Virus Filter

We provide premium MailFoundry spam filtering for your email as standard. This industry-leading spam filtering removes spam and viruses from your emails.
Email Aliases

Email aliases are similar to email forwarders, and allow you to setup email addresses which will forward to mailboxes elsewhere, such as to your @hotmail, or to multiple other email recipients.
Email Forwarding

Email forwarding simply means you can forward email for hosted with us to a mailbox elsewhere such as or any other email address.
Auto Responders

Auto responders can be setup from your control panel and allow you to setup a pre-written reply which will be sent instantly to anyone emailing a set email address.
Holiday / Out of Office Reply

When you leave your email for long periods of time you can enable vacation responders, to let people know you are away from your email and that you will reply as soon as possible.
Mailing Lists

We pre-install "Majordomo" mailing list software to your hosting account, allowing you to easily maintain a mailing list. You can also install most other popular mailing list software.

Procmail can be used by more advanced users to manipulate, sort, and filter incoming email based on rules that you create within a text based procmail file.

We use dedicated spam filtering servers, with definitions updated by human spam editors every 5 minutes to reduce spam and virus email in your inbox.

MailFoundry spam filtering is included as standard with all web hosting accounts.

Scripting & Development Features
MySQL Database

A MySQl database is easily created, managed and deleted from your web hosting control panel.

PHP 4 is provided for your site. We run your own secure install of PHP, meaning you have full access to php.ini to make any necessary changes. Our PHP installation is far more secure than other traditional shared hosting.

CGI is provided for your site, with its own cgi-bin for running your scripts securely.
Perl 5

Perl 5 is provided for your site. We run your own secure install of Perl and a massive amount of modules.

Server Side Includes (SSI) are fully supported and allow you to place includes in your web page templates, which are processed by the server when someone views your website.

Pear is compiled with PHP for your site and allows you to use a whole library of pre-written Pear modules and tools for your website development.
Custom Error Pages

You can create custom Error pages to replace the default ones with, allowing you to remove the Ugly 404 Page Not Found messages and all other standard error pages.
MIME Types

MIME types are used to identify the type of information that a file on your hosting contains. Standard MIME Types include .html, .php and .pl but you can add custom MIME Types as required.
Apache mod_rewrite

Mod_rewrite is pre-installed to your webspace allowing you to "rewrite" URL's on-the-fly. Mod_rewrite is handy for moving and manipulating web pages for tasks such as Search Engine Optimisation.

.htacceess is supported with UnitedHosting webspace. You can use it for many tasks including custom error documents, blocking users and IP's, redirects, MIME Types, preventing hotlinking and much more.

Other Features
AWStats - Website Visitor Statistics

AWStats is a powerful website visitor statistics program which gives you simple graphical and statistical information about the visitors to your site and their habits.
Raw Log File Access

Raw log files for your site are available to you for viewing or downloading including error_log and access_log containing script debug information and information on your site visitors.
Streaming Audio & Video

Upload Audio and Video files to your webspace and allow visitors to view, listen or download multimedia from your website.
Flash & Macromedia

You webspace supports flash and Macromedia designed websites.

" is a great company who have supported my project by providing the hosting of my website for a cost that was almost a tenth of the price I was paying before. This wasn't any special treatment because of the project. It is just that they are a good and honest company. Unlike the guy I had the website with before.

Beware of people offering amazing packages without speaking to first!

Thanks, if it wasn't for you the website and my project would possibly have lost interest from the general public. You helped keep my face in cyberspace."

Lee Gallacher,
Challenge Sailing Team

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